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Finding the right candidate can be difficult and time consuming. At Galactic Recruiting, we are experts at finding quality professionals with a specialty in Data Technology industry


Galactic Recruiting is a talent hiring firm based in New Jersey. We help companies find the right talent and candidates get data and technology-related jobs. Our seamless approach is effective in both identifying and building a pool of qualified employees by leveraging automation. In a highly competitive job marketplace, we are poised to help companies bridge the gap and meet their workforce needs.

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We match the best-fit talent with the hiring needs of our clients and help them scale their business to the next level. Our goal at Galactic Recruiting is to deliver an effortless and seamless hiring experience from the start to finish. We attract by leveraging an emotional intelligence approach in order to fill permanent data technology roles.

Our success rate can be attributed to higher engagement leads that allow workers to feel valued. By placing candidates in organizations where they feel valued, they become highly motivated. Such employees are able to impact real and tangible contributions to the organization and increase the overall ROI. Our hiring clients enjoy having quality workers and getting more time to focus on their core activities

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